Lymphatic drainage Vodder

The lymphatic drainage massage acts mainly on the lymphatic system, allowing the dissolution of lymphatic stagnation, the cause of swelling or edema. However, its action is also reflected on the nervous system inducing a condition of general relaxation. 

At the Terme di Fiuggi, you can immerse yourself in the thermal waters from the properties beneficial, rich in minerals and salts that promote the well-being of body and mind. The Hotel Bel Sito is the perfect starting point to fully experience this thermal treasure, offering you hospitality in a unique way. refined and high quality services.

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Thai Oil Massage

According to the 10 Sen theory, there are 10 invisible lines placed 2 centimeters under the skin that spread all over the body. The principle of Thai Oil Massage is based on touching some points placed on these invisible lines through pressure, brushing and friction, thus stimulating and intervening; on all internal organs.

In this way you will obtain benefits of a different nature: from relaxation against stress and anxiety, to the dissolution of muscle tension, up to aesthetic lymphatic drainage. Do not underestimate the effects of massage on the psyche, generated by the energy and emotional rebalancing that this induces.